Hp Laptops: Display Size - 15-17 Inch Inch (3 Items found)

Choosing the Right HP Laptop

Hewlett Packard has launched a wide variety of affordable laptops in the market. There are some standard HP features and certain unique features in the different models among HP laptops. Despite the hard competition, Hewlett Packard still stands out in terms of performance, design. Also definitely each HP laptop price is unbeatable. Most of the HP laptops are complete value for money. Hewlett Packard also remain a reference for their famous HP support service. Below are some of the top selling HP Laptop models in Singapore that are available in the market along with their distinguishing features.

The EliteBook and ProBook: Providing Large Enterprise Solutions

Engineered to meet the demands of a busy corporate environment, these lines of notebook incorporates design that is sleek and compact with powerful specifications.Products in these lines are thin, light and packed with productivity features to make work faster and easier. Plus, reliable security solutions keep your data out of the wrong hands. Still not satisfied? Not a problem, devices in these lines can be easily configured to further suit your needs. Their flexible architecture makes upgrading or even reducing some of the devices' specs easy, hence keeping the cost at the minimum. Experience impressive visuals with their full HD displays backed by some of the best graphics processing unit around.

Products in these lines are not only provides security for information but also protection against viruses, Malwares and other attacks. They come pre-installed with the BIOS protection system which enhances data protection against malicious software. This system also provides additional data protection and reduces downtime. These devices will allow you to maintain a productive system environment with stable and consistent images, managed lifecycle transitions and support you can rely on, any time and anywhere.

The Pavilion, Envy and Chromebook: Affordable Quality Computing

Excellent performance does not necessarily require a higher price tag, just look at the brand's line of consumer notebooks and hybrids. With prices that is almost as cheap as a tablet, you will be surprised by their performance and versatility. Be productive using their built in softwares. Be entertained with high definition images and videos. Listen to clear, and life-like audio while being immersed in fast paced gaming. The hybrid line will let you convert from notebook to stand to tent to tablet mode for all your productivity and entertainment needs with this amazingly value-packed convertible PC. Enjoy all these without experiencing any lags and without sacrificing your budget.

Find the Best Deals and Prices in Singapore

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