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Originally starting out as a behind-the-scenes manufacturer of mobile devices, HTC came into its own in 2011 when it began to release and market smartphones under its own brand name. The Taiwanese company boasts many tech firsts, among them the first Android smartphone and first device with 1080 pixel display. Find out more information on HTC’s products here on its very own brand page.


HTC and the Android Revolution


HTC came into the smartphone scene by surprise. The Taiwanese company first took the stage when the HTC G1 became the first ever smartphone to run on the Android platform. HTC has since then produced smartphones of various models and price range. Though HTC does not share their competitors penchant for spectacle, HTC smartphones have been slowly creeping into consumers lives, quietly embedding themselves into our day-to-day activities.


Popular HTC Phones -the Singapore List


Though not as “loud” as the other smartphone manufacturers in Singapore, HTC still manages to reach out to a lot of tech savvy Singaporeans. Below is our shortlist of some of the more popular HTC phones in Singapore.


HTC One X is one of hottest phone in Singapore right now. With Android 4.1.1 operating system, HTC One X’s performance is extremely fast with the added bonus of its sleek design. The screen resolution is just mind-blowing which is amplified by its 8 megapixel camera. This highly durable phone is definitely worth the price.


HTC Flyer is an incredible tablet of 7 inches. The quality of the screen and its sturdiness along with exclusive features like digital pen compatibility, HTC's Sense UI customization has made this a must-buy gadget.


Though HTC is widely known for their collection of Android phones and tablets, they also have window operated smartphones like HTC Windows Phone 8X Blue. As the name indicates, this phone operates on Windows 8. Its design, scratch-resistant screen and wide access to a lot of features make it very popular.


HTC at PricePanda Singapore


Most mobile and electronics retailer in Singapore carries HTC products, their variety and number, however, can be quite daunting. That is why PricePanda is here. PricePanda collects all available HTC phones and smartphones in Singapore along with their specifications and prices. We bring them to you in an easy to navigate page so you don’t have to go through several retailers when looking for your HTC phone.