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LaCie for IT storage solutions


Lacie is a computer hardware company based in France and it specializes in the production of computer hard drives. The company’s fame lies in its production and designing of external hard drives, USB Flash drives optical drives, etc. The products have a variable storage capacity ranging from gigabytes to terabytes and have several interfaces like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Fireware and more.


LaCie continue growth


It came into existence in July 1987. It was founded by Joel Kamerman. It focused on IT storage products. Plus Development acquired LaCie producing Quantum hard disks and so on LaCie became a licensed producer of external SCSI hard drives for Apple Computers. The company has delivered quality products over the years. It lays stress on the designing of the hard drives. Today LaCie is a renowned name in the world of hard disk manufacturing.


Design of Neil Poulton


Amongst all external hard drives, the designing of LaCie hard disks by Neil Poulton stands out to be the best. It grabs eyeballs with its glossy black exterior and soft blue light emanating from underneath. It is a perfect finish for any desktop table and the design of this external hard disk won the Red Dot Design Award in 2008.


Apart from its designing it also delivers great performance with a USB 2.0 interface and a transfer rate of 480 Mbps. A USB 3.0 interface can deliver even faster transfer rates. LaCie USB boost software can push the performance of the hard drive higher. It also has an auto sleep feature to conserve energy. It only lacks behind in the department of security. It is expected that LaCie will resolve the problem soon.


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LaCie has produced an array of beautiful storage products like LaCie Minimus, LaCie Rugged, Lacie 2big, etc. For more information on the products you can visit the official website or you can log on to PricePanda website to check for the product that have been available from several online store in Singapore.