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LG TVs are leading the way in the TV market

LG is a South Korean electronics company which excels in TVs, mobile communications, home appliances and home entertainment. It's the world's second largest manufacturer of televisions providing a global electronics industry from the very first 84 inch ultra HD TV to the many current Smart appliances. In 2013 the company launched an OLED TV including a 65 inch and 77 inch series as well as the first Internet TV in 2007. Now known as LG Smart TVs, products are manufactured with many interactive television features to provide the very best in home entertainment viewing. LG are leading the way in the TV market by competing with their rivals like Samsung. They mainly manufacture LED-backlit and LCD TVs however they now offer a good selection of plasma television models including the next generation of OLED TVs. The company has now set its sights on launching a range of 4K ultra high definition televisions which offer screen resolution four times more than normal HD TV sets.

Front screen of LG 84 inch LED TV

Great LG TV options

The great thing about TVs made by LG is that consumers can purchase small screen sets ideal for kitchens or bedrooms including widescreen TVs that are perfect for home cinema viewing. Stylish in design and offering premium features like Smart TV and 3D, LG excel in the manufacture of quality products. Many independent experts agree that picture quality, sound and catch-up TV apps, is what customers can expect when buying an LG TV set.

In addition to numerous Smart TV features, there is also a good range of other services available within the LG television options, for instance Facebook, TV news and media players. Check out the various features that include a new type of interface launcher bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen to give immediate access to apps, web browsers and any recently used devices. As well as a standard TV remote control unit, LG also offers a magic wand which works a little bit like a computer mouse via a moveable cursor on the screen. This makes it much easier to operate TV Smart functions.

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