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Founded in 1981, Swiss company Logitech interestingly started out working on computer mice. It wanted to provide a more intuitive way of interacting with a PC and now, with their products sold in nearly every country in the world, Logitech truly is a global provider of personal computer and tablet accessories. To get the best access in South East Asia to its products, check this PricePanda page for more information on trusted sellers and their prices.


Logitech – An Answer to Your Computer Essential Needs


Logitech is a leading worldwide manufacturer of PC accessories. Logitech manufactures and sells peripheral devices like Webcams, keyboards, mice, microphones, touchpads and game controllers. Logitech also makes computer and home speakers, WIFI enabled audio devices and headphones. They also make audio devices for mobile phones and MP3 players. The computer mouse was the product that made Logitech well-known across the globe.


Logitech Products


While Logitech became famous because of their mouse, the Logitech Webcams are the talk of town. The Logitech Webcams are universally preferred and recommended by many video-call enthusiasts. The pricing is affordable and realistic. The Webcams range from normal cameras to HD Skype calling ones. The Webcams have excellent colour reproduction and image quality. They can be used with laptops, PC or HD televisions.


Logitech keyboard for Mac and IPad


Not only does Logitech produce excellent keyboard for the Windows PC, it has also branched into making speciality keyboard for Apple products. The keyboard for the Mac is an example. This is the easiest accessory to install on a Mac. It works without too much fuss and tinkering. The keys are well spread and smooth.


The Logitech keyboard for the iPad is one of its kinds. It is unassuming and very portable. The design is inspired by the best features of the normal keyboards and Laptop keyboard. This is designed in a way that suits the needs of the iPad user.


It is very lightweight and can be converted to act as stand for the iPad. The keyboard is very easy to pair with the iPad and uses Bluetooth to facilitate the pairing. It has a range of 30 meters. The Keyboard has special media buttons which can help control volume and other media functions.


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