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Marantz is a New York based company which makes high quality audio products. Currently headquarter of the Marantz is in Japan. Saul B. Marantz is the first person to design the first audio product at Marantz. The company has always aimed to develop high quality audio products. And in the later phase of the career, the company was successful to reach the top position in the year 1970s. While the company was working under the guidance of Philips, a well known company for making CD’s, Marantz tries to build CD player and the company was successful. But the other products made by them were not successful. When the company acquired help from Philips, they were successful in making high quality audio devices. Since then all the Philips sales subsidiaries were owned by the Marantz.


Various product models from Marantz


In the year 1952, the company sold its first audio product in the market by Saul Marantz. The company then made a pre amp, known as the Consolette. Within the next 12 years the company was developed by the Superscope. They started to manufacture in Japan with the partnership from Standard Radio Corp. By the year 1966, with the partnership the company developed the following models, Model 28, 25 and 22. Marantz Malaysia has also done a great deal of business, after the company opened a plant in Europe in 1975. With the passage of time, the company has earned more experience and they gradually developed as a company which delivered the best quality of audio products.


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