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Motorola – Amalgamating Style and Innovation in Telecommunication


An American company of many firsts, Motorola is an old player in the field of telecommunication. Right from the times when Neil Armstrong communicated to Earth from moon using a Motorola transceiver up to today when mobile phones have become an essential need, Motorola has relentlessly been in the thick of the action.


Mobile phones


Motorola was the first company to come up with a mobile phone way back in 1973. They can therefore rightly be called the pioneers of cellular telecommunication. Even today they have managed to hold their own against other telecom giants with a slew of mobile phones viz. flip, candy bar, slide, touch, etc. that have a host of features such as being business friendly or for those on the go with web browsing and Wi-Fi facilities in addition to the regular features. Their latest Android platform phone, Motorola Razr Maxx is in a league of its own with its impossibly thin architecture and a battery life that can wear you down.




For the fashion and fitness savvy people, Motorola has come up with a range of stylish headphones which in addition to a catchy look have advanced features such as being sweat proof and rugged due to incorporation of Kevlar fiber in its architecture. The HD Bluetooth feature along with a built in microphone helps listen to audio or attend calls when jogging, or on the move. The range of headphone controls ensures your comfort is maximal and inconvenience minimal.


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