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Motorola have a long history of producing cutting edge, high quality mobile electronics, and technologies. The company, which is based in Illinois, is perhaps most famous for its mobile phones, tablet devices and radio equipment. However, with the increased popularity of smart and Android technologies they have began to manufacture a range of exciting and unique mobile android devices. The Motorola Smartwatch is the latest addition to the Motorola canon and is seen by many to be the best example of Smartwatch technology currently on the market. Stylish, useable and functional the watch has helped to push forward consumer understandings of what wearable technology looks like.

Front screen of Motorola Moto 360

The Motorola Smartwatch compares favorably to the competition

LG Smartwatches have all failed to make a splash on the Android watch market, the Motorola has made an impact. This is partly down to the devices superior design, which is striking to say the least. With a large watch face more reminiscent of a high-end designer and subtle hands the watch looks elegant. Combine this with leather strapping and neat metal clasps and you have a great looking watch remains durable. It is also incredibly comfortable. Weighing a fraction of other smartwatches on the market the Motorola is a perfect everyday companion. Some have complained that the watch is a little chunky, but many feel this gives it a nicely utilitarian feel that is uncommon amongst high-end tech devices.

Whilst the watch might look great, it still manages to offer some impressive and never before seen levels of functionality especially when compared with Samsung Smartwatches. The ambient light sensor is an ingenious touch whilst the built in pedometer, heart rate monitor and wireless charging are fun little extras that are great to have on your wrist. The manufacturers have really thought of everything and by including a touchscreen, they have made the watch easy to use when you are on the go. Functionality seemed to be the keyword when designing the product and the maker's have managed to produce something that not only works really well, but looks great too.

Motorola Moto 360 in gold

Motorola Smartwatch price best prices online

Motorola is by no means the final word in Smartwatch technology and there will undoubtedly be a whole host of new products on the market in the very near future. However, it is easily the best device currently available and will be the benchmark by which future incarnations are judged. Cheaper than the recently released ASUS device and available in Singapore for the best prices online, which is more competitive - the manufacturers have clearly tried to keep the technology affordable and accessible. It is worth remembering that whilst the device will be available to purchase from a range of well-known and respected retailers, PricePanda will allow you to compare price information and make an informed decision. So be sure to check online and secure your Smartwatch whilst stocks last.