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Olympus Cameras: A Great Deal Then and Now


Olympus is a company based in Japan, established in the 1919. It used to deal in microscopes, thermometers and other medical and microbiological instruments then. Mostly known for its lens quality, Olympus has maximum shares worldwide in surgical endoscopy lens and medical instruments. It now has a wide range of cameras, ranging from simple ones to high-end digital SLR and DSLR cameras.


Surgical and Medical Instruments


Among the product line in this category Olympus manufactures endotherapy, ultrasound, cleaning & disinfection, electrocautery and endoscopic equipments. With new advancements in medical engineering, there is a wide range of new flexible and microscopic instruments in the list of products manufactured by Olympus.


Digital Cameras


From the time of inception in 1936, when Olympus came out with the first camera, the company has come along way. Now it markets a highly affordable range of cameras catering to the needs of novice photographers as well as professional shooters. The company’s CEO at the time saw the increasing demand for digital SLR cameras in the world market and shifted the company’s research and marketing focus on the same. As a result of which Olympus came with a range of high-end digital lens cameras in the following years from 1996.

  Other models of handy Olympus digital cameras are high performance brands with very reasonable pricing. The camera’s features range from below 10 megapixels to more then 14 megapixel. Coming up with a range of high speed, precision and weather resistance lens technology, the brand has made a foothold in the market for sure.


Olympus and PricePanda


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