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Olympus Digital Cameras


Most of the other digital camera’s haven't given importance to a proper grip in the camera to help in getting steadier shots they have instead preferred slimmer bodies, but it has to be said that additional support is always welcome when shooting towards the telephoto end of the zoom. This is just one feature that sets Olympus digital cameras apart from its competitors.


The Features of the Camera


The Olympus digital camera comes with an extensive zoom range, it comes with a range of features like advanced face detection, beauty mode, pet detection and has eight Magic Filters for a bit of image manipulating fun. The cameras are built to be compact and sturdy. Like most top end digital camera the Olympus digital camera has an incredibly sharp screen which is very bright and has a wide viewing angle.


Olympuscamera controls


The Cameras have an intelligent Auto shooting mode that can control every aspect of the camera's settings. The Flash can be enabled or disabled from this menu. The resolution, Self-Timer and the zoom of the lens can be easily set with the top panel’s buttons. More advanced shooters can set the camera to Program mode, which allows the control of the Flash output, Macro shooting mode, Exposure Compensation, White Balance and Drive Mode.


Physical controls are spare, but there are buttons to manoeuvre through the software menus, to manage the photos on the SSD or to start video recording. All the other functionality of the camera can only be controlled through the software menu.


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