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Philips: Tools for Life


A trusted name in almost every consumer electronic products ranging from home appliances, consumer electronics, lighting or health appliances, the Dutch company has been bringing life changing innovations to our doorsteps for over 100 years. Focused on improving people's lives through reliable and even life saving products, the company manufactures some of the best healthcare, consumer, lifestyle and lighting devices.


Their products are not just innovative but also locally relevant, meaning what they produce isn't just another run of the mill, mass produced item. They make sure that they get to know their market and they deliver what their consumers need and want. They create the next generation of technology by bringing together people and innovation. Their products are not only outstanding, they also contribute to achieving better health and hygiene, and living an enjoyable life.


From Home Appliances to Personal Hygiene


From the energy efficient light bulbs that illuminates our homes, the coffee machine, toasters, mixers, and other kitchen appliances that makes sure you are hydrated, to the vacuum cleaners and washing machine that keeps you and your home looking fresh, and the hair dryer and razors you use almost everyday to keep you looking clean and amazing, the brand has got you covered. They understand that you are increasingly looking for smart, personalized solutions that will help you stay healthy, live well, and enjoy life.


The manufacturer looks into the future of cooking, incorporating interactive applications with most of their kitchen appliances, giving you even more convenience and more room for creativity in the kitchen. This feature will let you control kitchen appliances with your smartphone or tablet, create the perfect espresso and make sure the temperature remain optimal to make sure that you'll get the perfect roast beef or cake. Their home entertainment system is capable of giving you cinema quality entertainment at the comfort of your home. Beyond the digital consumer innovations are their other line of products such as male grooming, oral health care (they make some of the best electric toothbrushes), and beauty products.


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