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A Samsung washing machine is a smart choice

Samsung produce world class washing machines that incorporate all the latest design features and energy saving technology. Established in South Korea in 1938 the company has grown and diversified into various areas including the electronics industry. Today Samsung's highly successful products are sold around the globe and they are now one of the largest mobile phone makers in the world. Washing machines manufactured by Samsung are also top sellers due to their great performance, energy efficiency, and revolutionary designs. The latest models are widely stocked as consumers have great loyalty and confidence in the brand and its reliable, durable and long lasting products.

Samsung Washing Machine

Beautifully simple high performance Samsung washing machines

With sophisticated and eye-catching designs the Samsung range includes a useful top load washing machine that uses the innovative Wobble Technology that pulsates water in multiple directions to ensure that all your laundry is washed and remains tangle free. As with many of their models it raises the standard in fabric care by protecting even the most delicate of fabrics. The front loading models use the breakthrough Ecobubble technology that generates cleansing bubbles with air and water before the wash cycle starts. The bubbles penetrate your laundry faster than concentrated detergent and allows you to wash in cool water that is not only gentle on your fabrics but is also very energy efficient. It may be worth looking at comparative top loaders such as Toshiba washing machines, their latest models use ultra quiet Inverter Wash technology that is equally energy efficient and great for delicate washes.

A Samsung washing machine is also designed to care for your most delicate clothes with features such as the streamlined Diamond Drum and its smaller holes. The addition of the new anti-limescale durable ceramic heater means your Samsung machine will stay efficient for longer and give a great performance for years to come. Compare these features with other brands and models to make sure you get the best and most suitable machine for your needs. Panasonic, for example, have a range of highly durable washing machines that will look stylish in your home environment. PricePanda's website is the perfect place to start your washing machine comparisons.

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