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Great Sega Games for PS, PSP and Wii


Sega is one of the most recognized gaming companies in the world. Through design, innovation and high-quality graphics, the company has successfully launched some of the most popular video games. While Tetris and some other common free games can be found online and played on your computer, laptop or tablet, others must be purchased for your PlayStation, PSP, or Nintendo Wii. Two of the most enjoyed games of Sega include Sonic and Crazy Taxi.


Sonic Adventure


Although many 3D Sonic games received stick for not delivering the high levels of quality expected of them, Sonic Adventure surely made an exception on that front. The first of the Sonic games wasn’t as smooth around the edges, but refined changes made its sequel an instant hit. There are multiple characters and a variety of game styles along with impressive presentations, making it a captivating 3D affair. The elements of pseudo-adventure were eliminated in the sequel and a traditional action-oriented approach was used to bring back fans, making it one of the most popular Wii games.


Crazy Taxi


Crazy Taxi was Sega’s unique take on cabbies, which certainly had no resemblance to reality. Instead, this over-the-top, ridiculous game allowed you to assume the role of a cab driver and race around town, picking up customers and collecting your fares before the specified time limit. The game was among the best classic score attack, and time games – one of those that ensure you kept playing it again and again to see if your performances could get any better, and the mini games and unlockables only made the game increasingly addictive.


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