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Sigma Corporation is a Japanese company that mainly manufactures digital cameras, flash lenses, and other photographic accessories. Sigma produces many camera models, however it is best known for producing lenses and other photography accessories that are compatible with high end digital cameras and are preferred by many professional photographers.


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Manufactures Sigma compatible with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Konica-Minolta and Olympus, as well as their own cameras.


Usually Sigma lens are more affordable than the marketed by the manufacturer of the camera in question. This is the most popular reason for which is often sold with a body of a third party as a more affordable alternative to the official kits. However, Sigma offers some combinations of objectives that can not be found in the most recognized brands, such as wide-angle zoom lens 8-16mm (straight), 12-24mm for full frame, 150-500mm telephoto zoom, among others.


Some U.S. manufacturers market some products of Sigma's simplest products, especially to compete on price directly with some lens of the two leading brands in photography world, Canon and Nikon. Usually, these lens do not come branded as Sigma but Quantaray, and have a higher percentage of plastic parts that the official lens of the brand.


The Sigma digital SLR cameras, the SD9 and SD10 are differentiated from its competitors by using the Foveon X3 sensor.


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