Sleeping Gear: Best prices in Singapore (32 Items found)

Sleep Under the Stars

Planning to go on a camping trip with your family or friends? Here at PricePanda, we can help you get ready for your next great outdoor adventure. Experience nature’s way of giving you a break from all the business of city life by trekking into the woods. Start a bonfire, tell thrilling or funny stories, make campfire s’mores, and sleep comfortably in tents or sleeping bags. From multifuntion travel vogues and foldable camping beds, to inflatable mattresses and waterproof tents, we have everything you need to keep you dry and away from mosquitos under the starry night.

Travel with the Right Sleeping Gear

Camping pillows can help you get a comfy rest. Keep your backpacking simple by buying pillows that are compact and can easily be inflated or folded neatly. Make sure that your camping survival kit also includes bug zappers, mosquito nets, insect repellent sprays and lotions, as well as other products that you can use to ward off insects. For those who want to take a quick nap after long trails, you can also pack portable hammocks. Tie your swaying bed to two sturdy trees and start enjoying the fresh air and summer breeze in the woods. 

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At PricePanda, we have everything from travel accessories and camping equipment, to rock climbing essentials and sleeping gear. Find the necessary equipment you need and enjoy shopping with great savings. Use our filtering options to refine your searches according to your preferred price range, brand, and type of gear. Check out also PricePanda’s listings on other items under athletic shoes and sports apparels. Bookmark our site and visit us regularly!