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Steelseries for the serious gamer


Steelseries is a Denmark-based computer hardware manufacturer founded in the year 2001. Steelseries mainly manufactures gaming hardware, focusing on delivering the ultimate gaming experience for serious gamers. Steelseries had seen its beginning in the hands of two people, and has grown to be a global player in the gaming hardware industry. Products from Steelseries include gaming hardware like keyboards, mouse, controllers, eye-protection equipment, etc.


Audio solutions from Steelseries


The world of serious gaming requires a gamer to be able to listen to everything when they are playing games. Even a rustle of leaves should be prominent and clear. Steelseries has a line of audio solutions, from full-sized headphones to in-ear earphones, dedicated to gamers. These audio products, the Steelseries Siberia has seen a lot of appreciation from gamers. These headsets are full-sized and they have a retractable microphone, and are designed for long comfort. A Headset Steelseries is designed for delivering the complete game sounds cape so that the gamer is always a step ahead over other gamers. Apart from the Steelseries Siberia, there are other headsets and even in-ear earphones.


Various gaming hardware


Steelseries’ main success is their range of gaming hardware. They have a wide range of keyboards, mouse, controllers, surfaces, consoles, etc. An optical mouse includes the Kinzu and other some special edition models. A Steelseries mouse is designed ergonomically and meant for serious game-play.


Meet Steelseries games at PricePanda


Serious gamers always appreciate any good hardware, and that is why Steelseries has become so much popular. Anyone looking to buy any Steelseries product can look up the PricePanda website. The website has a vast range of Steelseries hardware and one can easily make a purchase from the website. A Headset Steelseries such as the Siberia or a gaming mouse like the Kinzu can be purchased easily. A Steelseries mouse can be purchased easily if one visits the webpage PricePanda Singapore.