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Toshiba: Leading Innovation


Toshiba Corporation is a multinational company based in Japan which manufactures electronic components, portable notebooks, power systems, household appliances, office equipments, medical equipments, etc. Founded in 1939, and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Toshiba is now the fifth largest PC manufacturer in the world. Toshiba’s line of laptops and personal computers are very popular throughout the world. Toshiba’s Asia Pacific headquarters is situated in Singapore. Toshiba Singapore is responsible for Toshiba’s sales and marketing operations in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Toshiba Singapore also follows Toshiba’s commitment to creating a better environment and a better world for people everywhere, a philosophy dubbes as “Toshiba Eco Style”. Through Toshiba Eco Style, Toshiba Singapore strives to create eco-conscious products and services for individuals and society.


Toshiba Product Line


Toshiba manufactures a wide variety of products for consumer, business and industrial use. Consumer products include laptops, desktops, tablets, ultrabooks, computer accessories, hard drives, televisions, Blu-Ray players, DVD players, HD camcorders, air conditioning systems, heating systems, etc. Products from Toshiba which are meant for business and industrial use include copiers, scanners, printers, surveillance equipments, medical equipments, motors, power systems, UPS etc.


Toshiba laptops are arguably their most popular consumer electronics line. Toshiba manufactures laptops for all budget range, from entry-level, low-priced models to high performance, expensive ones. The Toshiba Satellite family of laptops are low-budget models meant for everyday use. The Toshiba Qosmio and Toshiba Tecra are meant for entertainment and business use respectively. For buying a Toshiba laptop Singapore is a very good place to scout for discounts. Toshiba laptop prices range from three hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Toshiba gaming laptops offer a superior gaming performance with the help of the latest and fastest hardware. Toshiba also allows for customized models of laptops through its official website, there customers can customize the configuration and specs of a certain Toshiba laptop.


Toshiba Products at PricePanda Singapore


Anyone interested in buying a Toshiba laptop Singapore can visit the nearest electronics store. Otherwise, Toshiba products can also be purchased online from the PricePanda website. PricePanda web page lists all the Toshiba products like Toshiba Satellite from well known online shops complete with the specifications of selected products.