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  • Simply. Sublime.
    written on 29/08/2014 While I also have a Nikon D4 for the more cultivated moments in my life, and I also have the Blackberry for my business contacts and work comms the Samsung S4 Zoom was (more of an after purchase, really) fits a niche gap in my life. When I'm taking my morning power walk through the hills behind my house I don't want my Blackberry buzzing in my pocket, I don't want to carry my D4 - but I still want to stay in touch and I still want to record and capture the beautiful morning. The 10x zoom is incredible, and even when I inspect them later on my macbook (air if you are interested) I find the quality extremely satisfactory, hardly any blurring, always sharp and in focus even at maximum zoom. Not full stars however, because like another user said the battery isn't that dependable (I guess because it is powering the camera so heavily). read more
  • Stylish and refined smartphone
    written on 29/08/2014 It's so thin and lightweight! At first, T3 seemed to be big, but I have already used to it. Stunning photo quality (for 8MP) as well as sound and video. Battery works for 1.5 days at one charge. Great smartphone at that price! read more
  • Out of this world!
    written on 29/08/2014 I adore that! It runs so seamless and the screen images just left me speechless. So rich and vivid! Videos look just as good as on my FullHD TV, or maybe better. Never been happier of a purchase like with this wonder. Buy it with no regret! read more
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